Royal Spare Parts


Automobile Spare Parts

Brands Country of Origin Type of Parts
SACHES GERMANY Clutch, Shock absorber, Radiator fan
HENGST GERMANY Fuel filter, Diesel filter, Water seperator, Oil filter, Air filter for all vehicles 
GLYCO GERMANY Engine bearings for trucks and cars
ELRING GERMANY Gasket kit, L Ring,Oil seals, Dirko gum etc
SEBI GERMANY Wheel bolt, Wheel clamp, Oil seals, Water pump, Kingpin set, Engine mounting,Tierod, Draglink etc
FAG GERMANY Clutch cylinder, Brake cylinder etc
HELLA GERMANY Light system, Head Light, Stop light, Revolving light, Park light etc
BOSS GERMANY Light system, Fuel system
MAHLE GERMANY Engine Piston rings, Air compressor ring, Bushes etc
EURORICAMBI ITALY Gear parts, Gear box needle bearing for heavy vechicles
DIESEL TECHNIC GERMANY All kinds of spare parts for trucks for engine and other accessory items
CONTITECH GERMANY All heavy vehicle fanbelts
EUROPART GERMANY Batteries, Brake drums, Shock absorber, Electric cable, Brake lining, Brake disc, Brake pad, Air coupling, wiper blades etc
BF GERMANY GERMANY Crankshaft, Camshaft, Connecting rod, Cylinder Head. 
LASO GERMANY Oil pump,Water pump,Oil pump valve etc.
FEDERAL MOGUL GERMANY Engine valave and guide for all trucks
LUK  GERMANY Steering pump and LUK Clutches

AC Spare Parts

Brands Country of Origin Type of Products
KIMCO UK Fibre glass insulation
HIOKI, KYORITSU, JOHNSON CONTROL JAPAN Clampmeter, Digital/Analog Multimeter, Flow switch
ALFA UK Aluminium foil tape plain reinforced, Aluglass pipe wrapping tape, PVC black, cork tape etc
CANVAS CLOTH INDIA A/c duct wrapping cloth
GRINDBECK  INDIA Anti vibration pad, Rubber cork gasket materials. 
DANFOSS DENMARK A/c and ref accessories, filter dryers, Stainers check valves, sight glass, pressure control, orifice solenoid valve etc. 
HONEYWELL KOREA Room thermostat, digital & manual planges, guard, control switch, valves, bronze gate valves, actuators
MULLER, MAXELL  S.AFRICA,TAIWAN, Copper coils, copper coupling, tee, Reducer, U bends, brass fittings, tools etc
GULF-O-FLEX AEROFLEX  TAIWAN,UAE Pipe insulation all sizes,1/4 to 2.1/8, Rubber sheet
UNIWELD USA Welding set, tools, manifold guage set, vaccum pumps, flaring tools, swaging tool, tube cutter, rachet wrench, fincomb.
HARRIS USA Brazing rod 0% copper 45% silver, brass rod, flex powder
THERMOSTAT INDIA,TAIWAN Thermostat for all types of window a/c, relay, overload fan blade & fan motor pioneer with clamp or without clamp
CAPACITOR INDIA,TAIWAN Capacitor 2 terminal 5mfd 10,15,20,35,65,70,100 starting capacitor all sizes, square type capacitors etc. 
KRANZLE GERMANY Pressure pump, leak dectector, charging lines window A/c, split A/c, stand vaccum pump etc
COMPRESSORS USA Bristol, LG, Hitachi, Copland, Manurop, Rotary compressor for split A/c & window A/c
SUNISO USA/TAIWAN Oil 3GS.4GS,SL 68,SL 100,Chiller oil, SW68, coilsafe, Actibrite, Alubrite
DURO DYNE USA Flexible duct connector, flexible duct, duct grey connections
A/C FILTER TAIWAN A/c filter rolls, filter pieces, poly-flow filter, Pvc door curtains, ribbed door curtains etc
FAN MOTOR,FAN COIL UNIT ELCO ITALY LG Aftron, Sanyo Blue star, O General, Pioneer etc 6w, 9w, all types A/c & Fridge Motor
FAN BLADE TAIWAN Carrier, Supra, LG, Gibson,O General, Hitachi,Toshiba, Gold Star Aluminium etc

*Washing Machine spareparts available
Pulsator, impeller, pully, timer, bellow, gearbox etc.

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